Answering alumni: A virtual open house with Dr. Ross

News / May 4, 2020
SAIT has risen to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and will emerge a more resilient institution. That’s the message from the President and CEO of SAIT to you, our alumni and donors.

Dr. Ross prepared a video from his home office to answer questions gathered from SAIT alumni. During his video, he addressed the current employment challenges many are facing.

SAIT is here to help

He also recommends that alumni who are seeking new employment opportunities investigate SAIT’s continuing education programs. SAIT will soon announce the opening of its new School for Advanced Digital Technology, made possible by a $30 million donation by Calgary entrepreneur David Bissett. The school will focus on upskilling for SAIT grads who want to seek careers that require digital skills.

Thank you for your generosity

SAIT suspended classes on March 14 and quickly and efficiently moved instruction online.

Dr. Ross commends students for rising to the challenge. “We saw a high and steady attendance. The students and faculty were innovative in finding a way to get their work done. The vast majority have completed their term, which I think is critically important.”

After the campus was closed, SAIT immediately initiated a campaign to raise emergency funds for students. Dr. Ross says “thank you” to alumni and others who made contributions or provided other supports for students in need.

“Because of the generosity of our donors, SAIT was able to distribute approximately $100,000 to students. Alumni who wanted to donate but couldn’t, reached out and offered things like mentorship opportunities to support students and some even offered rooms where students could stay.”

Studies continue at SAIT

Despite the current challenges, Dr. Ross says SAIT will continue to provide first-class applied education, pointing out that SAIT will launch its first May intake of students that will bring on board 700 new students to study online. There are plans to continue online education in September as well.

We are better together

Dr. Ross says he takes pride in our alumni who are employing their SAIT training while carrying on the fight against COVID-19.

“I am so proud of how SAIT and the greater community have come together even while we are apart,” he says. “Thank you for staying connected. Please stay safe as we move through this together.”

To see all updates from SAIT President and CEO, Dr. Ross, and Director of Alumni and Development, Brian Bowman, visit COVID-19 updates for alumni on

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